How to be part of WIN Institute?

We have four different ways of been part of WIN Institute; they were thought and designed according to the market needs.
WIN Franchise
By acquiring a WIN franchise, the franchisee will have the support from the WIN headquarter from the very beginning. We will offer a general guideline with the step-by-step and all the duties involved in the process of launching a new franchise. This includesthe software, the graphic material, the programs content, the office stuff and the advertising. We provide a day-to-day support before and during the opening of the institute.
WIN License
We provide the option of being part of WIN Institute as a license user, what run some important advantages without being a franchise. It’s the best way of being close to WIN Institute and its method while learning the business of a language institute. This is a great option for those who have educational institutes in business, health, esthetic or gastronomy and want to add the area of languages.

Through the license, the candidate will add the area of languages with our teaching method and saving its original name.

WIN Conversion
This is an option for those people who have a language institute and want to change to WIN Institute, being able to use the name and the method.

The most important advantage is that franchisees already have the expertise in the area of education and can use it to enroll the WIN franchise.

WIN Certification
This is a great option for those institutes that want to save their own names and identities. In this case, the institute provides not only its own certification but also offers an international certification provided by WIN Institute.

WIN Institute Franchise. What do we offer?

The most complete way of been part of WIN Institute is by becoming a franchisee and acquiring a franchise of the institute.

The Method

Our teaching method includes operating manuals for customer service, procedures, direction and communication.

Languages Courses

All of our courses are divided into levels and modules for our students recognize and areconscious about their improvement class by class. We offer the material needed to develop the classes, which is frequently updated.


Otorgamos todo el conocimiento obtenido y el apoyo a nuestras franquicias como así también una constante capacitación sobre nuevos cursos.


We offer our know-how in developing an institute and help our franchisees in solving problems and leading with different situations. We train our franchisees every time we launch a new course.

On-Going Support

We provide graphic resources and material for advertising requirements.

Return of Invertisment

Opening a Win franchise requires a low investment and the results are faster than any person may thing. This is a profitable business.

Franchise Department

We have a department focused on providing personalized assistance to our franchisees, helping them in the solution of daily problems and situations.

Creative Department

We have a creative department with marketers, graphic designers, community managers and communication professionals. Here is where communication strategies and actions are designed and developed. The creative team provides graphic material to our franchises to unify the communicative criteria and to protect the identity of each of our institutes.

We develop our activity in a competitive market and, due to this we need to have qualified professionals that are able to answer efficiently, considering the different cities in which we have place.



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